New Milford Martial Arts Teen Classes

Discipline, Focus, Confidence

DMAC's teen and young adult classes provide teenagers with the perfect way to get in shape while learning practical self-defense. Teens who study martial arts also develop self-discipline, focus, and self-confidence, all key for success in today's world.

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In our classes, teens learn skills and techniques, allowing them to defend themselves in tough situations. Martial arts training is also a great way to build cardiovascular fitness, improve flexibility and balance, and develop agility for other sports.

We welcome all newcomers regardless of their ability level.

Teens will learn mental toughness and respect while engaging proper martial arts technique and martial arts philosophy. Highlights include sparring, grappling, and Okinawan weaponry. All classes include a physical fitness component in order to enhance the student's overall health and athletic ability.

As a collateral benefit, students tend to excel in their academic school studies, defeat bullying by having a confident attitude, and exhibit confidence in social situations. Martial arts training helps students to have the courage and the character needed not only to defend themselves, but also to make good decisions when confronted with negative peer pressure.

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